Skin Conditions and their Treatments

Skin Conditions.

Skin Conditions, whether mild or severe, can affect anyone, from the most elderly to the newborn baby. There are many different types of Skin Conditions, and while many are normal and benign, like freckles, some, such as melanoma, can be very serious. Several skin conditions are described below.

Dry Skin
Dry skin is one kind of skin irritation that can affect everyone, though the elderly are more frequently affected. It is often most troublesome during the winter months. Dry skin is caused by low levels of the skin’s natural oils and lubricants and can be treated by: Avoiding harsh soaps and chemicals and by using lotions to protect the skin. Though it is usually mild, dry skin can become severe, if left untreated, and result in infections, rashes or cellulitis.

Other Skin Conditions

AcneSkin Conditions
Skin Conditions like acne are the reason many teenagers can come to hate their high school years. Acne is unsightly and often embarrassing, but it is completely normal. Though teenagers are most commonly affected by acne, some adults experience it as well. Acne has many causes, like clogged pores or elevated hormone levels. Occasionally, other Skin Conditions, like Rosacea or Folliculitis can look just like acne. Acne can be treated by a regular cleansing routine using mild cleansers, exfoliating scrubs, and through use of antibacterial ointments.

Cellulite is a distortion of the connective tissues under the skin. This distortion causes a dimpled appearance, most often found around the thighs or hips. Cellulite most often affects women, though men can experience it as well. Despite the many treatments, like laser therapy, massage and dietary supplements, few are thought to be effective.

Psoriasis is an example of Skin Conditions that has no cure, though it is common. It is caused by a rapid production of cells that result in red, dry patches of skin, most often around elbows or knees. Psoriasis is not contagious, though it can be inherited. Treatment depends on the level of severity: For mild cases, topical creams, lotions or ointments can often relieve symptoms. For tougher cases, injections or light therapy are used.

Eczema is a very common type of skin inflammation. Often, such inflammations can be caused by allergens, whether it is food, soap or jewelry. Sometimes even the temperature can cause an outbreak of eczema. For treatment, lotions and creams are often used, as well as antihistamines to prevent itching.

Some Skin Conditions can be very severe or dangerous, and melanoma is one example. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that typically appears in lymph nodes. Treatment can include surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. When caught early, melanoma can be treated and cured easily. The most severe form, Stage Four, is treated only by relieving pain, rather than curing the disease.

Skin Conditions Conclusion

There are many types of skin irritations, and odds are everyone will be affected by some sort of skin irritation at least once in their lives. Though it can be bothersome, most Skin Conditions are normal and easily treated

Author: Joe Sullivan